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Car Wax

Welcome to Just Car Wax, a leading supplier of the highest quality car waxes and other cleaning products and accessories. Car detailing is a rapidly growing hobby and it is important that when detailing and cleaning your vehicle you take the time to utilise high quality wax to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the harmful effects of the weather and various other factors. There is a tremendous variety of different types of car wax and various other cleaning products out there on the market for the customer to choose from, from liquids and creams to pastes and rubs, all of which will do an excellent job keeping your pride and joy in tip top condition no matter how inclement the weather may be.
Applying car wax is one of the most vital steps of car cleaning, the carnauba in the wax is packed full of natural fatty acids that create a protective barrier over your car that not only looks clean, shiny and spectacular but also protects it from the harmful effects of everything from the weather through to UV rays from the sun and even pollution. There are also a number of synthetic waxes on the market that utilise artificial chemicals to provide a similar level of protection to carnauba car wax but with a different type of shine. Generally speaking synthetic car wax will leave your car looking very shiny and glossy whilst natural carnauba wax offers a deeper wet look style finish, certain styles suit certain cars and also certain owners.

If you love your car and want to give it the best care possible then the various types of car wax on our website will help you achieve that goal; after a good clean following by a waxing you can be sure that your vehicle will be looking in incredible condition and will remain safely protected until the wax begins to fade. Be sure to experiment with different waxes until you find the one that you like the most! Nothing beats that sense of satisfaction from applying the car wax yourself and then standing back to admire a job well done. You can relax safe in the knowledge that your vehicle will remain protected and complete with a luxurious shine that is second to none. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Full Range Of Car Waxes

Signature Series Pre-Wax Cleanser 250ml
A brand new product designed for surface preparation before fine waxing - strongly recommended for use before application of 42 and 55 waxes, but also...
All-Bristle Detailing & Valeting Cleaning Brushes - set of 5 different sizes
These quality items include our popular Swiss-style wheel cleaning brush. That is designed to allow safe agitation of wheel...
'Aqua Bathe' Wash & Wax Shampoo 250ml
Unique, mild yet effective shampoo, with extremely high concentration of natural Brazilian Carnauba wax. Salt free, neutral Ph, biodegradable, leaves a...
Anti Bacterial Cleaner 500ml
A unique product for the car care market. Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth at the microscopic level - kills MRSA, ...
'Colour Enhance' Plastic & Tyre Protectant
For all plastics, interior & exterior - rubbing strips, spoilers, tyres, bumpers, engine parts, interiors. Exfoliates and restores weathered grey...
Signature Series Valeting Kit (55 Wax)
Selected Signature Series products providing correct preparation and the perfect durable finish. Contains: Aqua Bathe Wash n Wax (...
'Leather Cleanse' Cleaner 250ml
Cleans the most fragile leather with minimal saturation. Water based. Use prior to application of Leather Balm on seats - simply wipe...
Mechanics Crawler Pad
Just like our Door Protector Pads, an incredibly useful big, thick lump-absorbing 25mm thick high-density foam pad to lie on when fixing your car. Simply,...
Microfibre and Chamois Demister Pad (medium)
Everyone will find these neat and useful pads incredibly useful to keep in the car for impromptu windscreen, dash and trim cleaning, or buffing up small...
Race Glaze Signature Series Wood Wax
Another new product in summer 2010, which fulfills a useful function for the owners not only of classic cars but modern ones too with real wood. Designed...
Shampoo Wash Pad
100% cotton chenille fabric sewn around a quality foam sponge. Ordinary sponges are the main culprit for causing scratches and swirl marks in your paintwork...
'Paint Cleanse' Pre Wax Cleaner 250ml
Essential preparation to eliminate fine scratches, wax, oxidation and impurities before applying Crem Perfection or 42 or 55 wax. ...
'Clay Glaze' Clay Bar - Paint Cleaning System (no lube)
Is your paintwork totally smooth ? Are there tiny particles stuck to the surface, making it feel rough ? Have you waxed it but sealed in specks of muck? ...
Wire Wheel Brush
Graduated soft wire wheel brush with strong plastic handle, ideal for wire wheels or many spoked alloys. Single central spoke, soft...
Race Glaze Signature Pre-Wax PRO 500ml
Based on the highly regarded non-abrasive pink pre-wax cleanser, but with added heavy grade diminishing abrasives for successful removal of heavy swirls...
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