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Car Wax

Welcome to Just Car Wax, a leading supplier of the highest quality car waxes and other cleaning products and accessories. Car detailing is a rapidly growing hobby and it is important that when detailing and cleaning your vehicle you take the time to utilise high quality wax to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the harmful effects of the weather and various other factors. There is a tremendous variety of different types of car wax and various other cleaning products out there on the market for the customer to choose from, from liquids and creams to pastes and rubs, all of which will do an excellent job keeping your pride and joy in tip top condition no matter how inclement the weather may be.
Applying car wax is one of the most vital steps of car cleaning, the carnauba in the wax is packed full of natural fatty acids that create a protective barrier over your car that not only looks clean, shiny and spectacular but also protects it from the harmful effects of everything from the weather through to UV rays from the sun and even pollution. There are also a number of synthetic waxes on the market that utilise artificial chemicals to provide a similar level of protection to carnauba car wax but with a different type of shine. Generally speaking synthetic car wax will leave your car looking very shiny and glossy whilst natural carnauba wax offers a deeper wet look style finish, certain styles suit certain cars and also certain owners.

If you love your car and want to give it the best care possible then the various types of car wax on our website will help you achieve that goal; after a good clean following by a waxing you can be sure that your vehicle will be looking in incredible condition and will remain safely protected until the wax begins to fade. Be sure to experiment with different waxes until you find the one that you like the most! Nothing beats that sense of satisfaction from applying the car wax yourself and then standing back to admire a job well done. You can relax safe in the knowledge that your vehicle will remain protected and complete with a luxurious shine that is second to none. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Full Range Of Car Waxes

'Colour Enhance' Plastic & Tyre Protectant
For all plastics, interior & exterior - rubbing strips, spoilers, tyres, bumpers, engine parts, interiors. Exfoliates and restores weathered grey...
'Leather Balm' Conditioner 250ml
A totally natural cream conditioner that reinstates the original smell of real hide (use on shoes, bags, sofas too ...
Raze Glaze Standard Products Sample Pack
Please note, this is a sample product and consists of a clear plastic wallet that includes one of each of Race Glaze Aqua Bathe, Paint Cleanse, Crèm...
Signature MicroFibre Polishing Cloth
New, super soft premium tufted style microfibre cloth ideal for safe removal of wax and pre-cleaners or compounds from any painted surface, for final ...
Race Glaze Water Blade
305mm / 12" long Comfortable handle Medical-grade silicon material T-end creates a tide of water as you use it which lifts off any dirt...
'Clay Glaze' Clay Bar - Paint Cleaning System (no lube)
Is your paintwork totally smooth ? Are there tiny particles stuck to the surface, making it feel rough ? Have you waxed it but sealed in specks of muck? ...
Race Glaze Signature Series Wood Wax
Another new product in summer 2010, which fulfills a useful function for the owners not only of classic cars but modern ones too with real wood. Designed...
Fabric Cleanse 250ml
Amazing capability to shift range of marks and stains on all fabrics including headlinings, leather, carpet and vinyl. Try ...
Microfibre and Chamois Demister Pad (medium)
Everyone will find these neat and useful pads incredibly useful to keep in the car for impromptu windscreen, dash and trim cleaning, or buffing up small...
Race Glaze Arizona Car Duster
A great product to safely remove dust from your car, almost every car showroom has one. Special baked in wax on the fibres never needs retreating and...
'Alu Tech' Metal Polish 60g
Strong and effective paste polish for metal. Amazing on stainless such as exhausts, removing discolouration and blue on cars and motorbikes. Designed to...
Leather Repair Kit
No matter how careful you are, leather can get accidentally damaged. By continual rubbing of the seat belt, getting ...
Race Glaze Four Step Paint Preparation & Finishing Kit
This kit contains: 1 x Aqua Bathe 250ml 1 x Sheepskin Wash Mitt 1 x Clay bar System, including 500ml lubricant and 2 x 60g bars premium yellow clay 1 x Paint...
'Jet Laq' Non - Paint Laquer 250ml
Unique non-paint lacquer for protection and enhancement of bright metal such as on classic cars, motorbike and Concour engine bays. Withstands heat over...
Microfibre & Chamois Pad (small)
Everyone will find these neat and useful pads incredibly useful to keep in the car for impromptu windscreen, dash and trim cleaning, or buffing up small...
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